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  • Wow, what a clickbait-like subject :) But I really understand what you mean. I had a Pebble and looked for a replacement. They did a really good job with their UX (hardware AND software). But they had a lot more staff to work with. If you could multiply @Gordon by 5, we would have the perfect eco system and the watch would be perfect reagrdless the hardware flaws we have :)

    My main pain points are:
    I still get things like fifo overflows or memory leaks as well as Gadgebridge errors. I know this is probably only me because no one else is complaining.

    My watch lasts about 4-5 days which is awesome compared to any WearOS or so. I know, I use some widgets and so on, but I was hoping that it would last even longer.

    App Loader:
    Same issues like Pebble had: There are more and more Apps and Watchfaces. I still don't have a good overview over the things I potentially like. Also there are some duplicates with slightly different features.

    Lack of developers:
    We have really talented people here who spend much of their free time for the community. I really appreciate that. But having a couple more full time developers would push the whole eco system. Maybe we can archive something with donations like or so? Having only one full time developer who keeps everything together also results in Apps that don't look like "from the same mould". I also really liked that on other watches, but I understand that everyone is required to participate. So having a UX that looks like a watch with APPS instead of a blank platform on which you can start any app is a bit hard to archive.

    Well, I am actually concerned having it on while it's raining - just from reading in this forum :)

    Despite all that I am a daily user and I still love it.


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