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  • It's hard to read all this and not jump to Bangle's defense. It does seem like your experience is not ideal, and that must be disappointing. But I don't believe the BangleJS line were meant to replace Pebbles at all. It is first and foremost a programmable microcontroller you can wear. The fact that it has evolved an ecosystem that can be compared to Pebble's is quite impressive. To fault it for not achieving Pebble's equal seems unfair to me.

    The battery issue is concerning, and maybe others are having similar issues, but mine lasts over a week (admittedly with modest use). As for the button, I've read about a few having issues, yes. Gordon has worked with folks to fix or replace those.

    For me it's rekindled a desire to create simple software, experiment with rudimentary UI and learn a ton about microcontrollers and their capabilities (and their limitations).

    I believe that is more of its intended use.

  • I haven't used the banglejs2, but for more than a year I am using the bangle.js1 as a daily driver.

    Yes, before that, it was just a gadget/toy for experiments, but at the moment I found the watch very stable, batt last many days, good apps are continuously improving, and even some of them are useful for my life.

    Hardware can't be improved but bjs2 fw/software maybe requires more polish.

    I had other smartwatches before from garmin or smartthings with better look and plastics but I prefer the bangle ecosystem.


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