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  • Hmm, that's interesting!

    "LED2 pullup voltage out of range (0.542...) - disconnected?"

    This can happen because the battery voltage is low... Have you tried measuring it, or maybe running E.getBattery() and seeing what it reports?

    That could explain your temperature readings being off - if the voltage was starting to get very low then it would easily cause the readings to drift off substantially!

    I did the test without anything connected and with the resistor still connected

    Ok - in this case, I think you can ignore the error about D30. That was basically just reporting that it thinks that D30 was connected to something (which is was - a resistor).

    I guess D31 could still be an issue though...

    But I'd say as a first port of call, check the batteries out - it would make a huge amount of sense given what you're seeing.


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