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  • I'm not sure if you spotted it, but I did post some code onĀ­/382301/#comment16798335 - sorry I missed this post when you made it last year though!

    I see from the documentation of BThome that different button actions are also supported. Would it be possible to create an app with a "screen button", or even use the side button on Bangle.js 2, to be integrated in an HomeAssistant automation?

    Do you have a link? I'm sure we could do something like that, yes. We now even have an app that will send temperature.

    There is already a home assistant app which uses Gadgetbridge and the home assistant Android app too.

    this bthome integration looks awesome, is there a good way to send custom data?

    There is count I guess:

    But if you have a specific request, maybe contact the developers. It seems like an evolving standard :)


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