• Hi, How are you waiting for the fix to occur? Do you leave the Bangle somewhere outside where it can see GPS satellites, or are you inside, in a city, or wearing it while walking around?

    It can be pretty hard to get a satellite fix when it's being moved around a lot because the satellites it is searching for come and go.

    Is there a way to erase the AGPS data to perform cold start tests more quickly without waiting a day or so?

    There may be a way to delete the AGPS data but I don't know it. I'd maybe run the battery down until the device turns off which will 100% reset the GPS, then you could just partially charge it to do some tests, then discharge it (there is an option in Settings->Utils to quickly discharge).

    In terms of improving time to lock, it may be possible to upload the estimated GPS location and time. I would love to do this and there are some threads about it, but the GPS chip is pretty badly documented so it's hard to know exactly what data needs to be sent.


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