• @phrogg i can not find your app on Fdroid. Neither by using the link on your git README nor by searching in Fdroid.

  • Hey, I didn't release the app in F-Droid yet. Even if I would have, it takes quite some time before it will be approved and added. You can download it under releases in my git though: https://codeberg.org/phrogg/BG2BangleJSA­pp/releases Also sorry for not doing that already, but I've made some more small improvements, and I'm not done yet completely, so I will open a PR for both the app and the widget after that's figured out.

  • Hi @phrogg, your widget isn't working for me (it just shows "BG") in spite of my having all the parts as far as I can tell:

    1. Blood Glucose Widget (xdrip) on Bangle.js 2
    2. BG2BangleJS helper app
      installed from https://codeberg.org/phrogg/BG2BangleJSA­pp/releases
    3. xDrip+ with pretty much every setting under "Inter-app settings"
    4. Bangle.js Gadgetbridge with Allow Intents on

    What can I do to troubleshoot? I'd really like this to work.




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