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  • I found some bugs in the Gadgetbridge app aswell as in the "Android" app on the banglejs device.

    The bug on the Gadgetbridge was, that the GPS_PROVIDER when the NETWORK_PROVIDER should have been used to get the gps data. Therefore the GPS data wasn't updated if you don't have a connection to some GPS sattelites. I fixed it and you can find the PR here

    The bug on the Banglejs "Android" App was that the received data was published on the "gps" event. However the normal event used by the build in gps chip is the "GPS" event. I changed therefore the event to match the event used by the build in gps chip.
    Also, the retrieved JSON object form the Gadgetbridge contained the longitude value under the key "long". To match the object structure of the gps data comming from the gps chip(which uses the key "lon"), i added a mapper to map the longitude correctly. You can find the PR for that here

    If you have time please take a look. @Gordon if it is not to late i would suggest to wait until the fix of the Gadgetbridge app is merge before releasing a new version of the Banglejs-Gadgetbridge app, so that this fix is also included.


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