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  • I updated my BangleJS2 to Message v0.58 and Message Widget v0.03. When I send a test using BangleJS Gadgetbridge 0.71.2a I only have the message widget showing up, no vibration and it doesn't auto-open to show the notification's content.

    My current clock is CalClock, if that makes any difference.

    Vibrate: ::
    Vibrate for calls: ===
    Repeat: 4s
    Vibrate timer: 60s
    Unread timer: 30s
    Min Font: Small
    Auto-Open Music: [_]
    Unlock Watch: [x]
    Flash Icon: [_]
    Quiet mode disables auto-open: [x]
    Disable auto-open: [_]
    Widget messages: 1
    Icon color mode: color


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