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  • sorry, english is not my mother tongue and i may have missed something.
    Currently I have seen that the emit of the "message" event is done by the "messages" library and if no app "manages" the event, the library itself calls the display of the message through its own code.
    so something like this:
    GB -> Android -> Message -> custom app

    Couldn't you implant the message event emit directly from the Android app?
    It would then be enough to modify the Message app by implementing listening to the event (Bangle.on ("message", ...).
    and have something like this:
    GB -> Android -> (Message || custom app)
    In this way the management part of the event is disconnected from the graphic part;
    it is up to the installed "message" app (custom or not) to bind to the event and manage it and not to the android app to call the program "statically"

  • Yeah, it's a bit complicated :-(

    1. We also have iOS support, the message library exists for shared code between Android and iOS.
    2. We could disconnect the library from the default app, but bundling them makes sure there is an app installed: We can just tell new users to "Install the android/ios app", both automatically pull in messages, so it works right away.

    I am trying to separate the library/app code some more, so that it will really be like just two things (library and app) that just happen to be installed together.
    So then you have:
    Phone -> android/ios -> message library -> (custom app || message app)


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