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  • Do you're saying it's totally stuck down rather than just unpressable? And there's still a 'click' when you press it?

    No, it's pressable and it clicks, but wiggling it around as suggested here does not make it become unstuck.

    That does remind me though - has either you or @bendunc submerged your Bangle recently for more than a second or two? I did hear of some people having this when their Bangles got wet, and after drying out they started working fine again

    Ever since I got mine I have worn it in the shower without any problem. I did fall (shallow) in a couple of lakes recently, but looking at my calendar and reflecting on when the watch stopped booting properly, I can't figure out if that happened before or after the watch got stuck in a boot loop. When I fell in I did get out immediately, so the watch should not have been below 1m and should not have been in the water for more than a minute or two.


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