• I'm glad you said that, it sounds like you want similar things to me! You might want to check out my Messages Notification app (you should also install Notifications Overlay.)

    They aren't finished yet, I need to get back and finish them off, but should be more like you want.


    1. Instant (ish), full text notification in a scrollable message.
    2. No message storage. You see it when the message arrives, then it's gone.
    3. Customisable font size!


    1. No notifications for calls yet
    2. Weird colours, highlight should be blue but is actually green?
    3. Slow for large notifications, like email
    4. Needs cutting edge firmware, not previous stable firmware.
    5. Gets overwritten by standard Messages app if you update the Android app.
    6. Doesn't block events to app underneath yet.

    Looking at that list, you may not want to try it yet, but I'll work on it and announce here when it's ready!


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