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  • Using SetLCDOverlay seems pretty awesome :-)

    I'm working on my own messages app (also WIP), some thoughts:

    I took the route of changing the messages library to emit events, that way the Android and iOS app both keep working.

    In general, what I think would be the thing to aim for:

    • Keep the separate android and ios apps, to handle the different events phones can send, and pass on message events with require("messages").pushMessage()
    • Convert the messages app to a library-only "app", which handles storing/retrieving messages, emits a "message" event for every new message, and knows how to do something like require("messages").openApp()
    • Separate widgets/apps which handle "message" events, so users can combine/pick their favourites

    Especially hoping we can get "fast app switching" to work, so we could have e.g. different music players/message viewing apps working smoothly together.


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