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  • Whatver the js3 turns out to be, you can count on my pledge!

    The Js2 does everything I could want... except light up with vibrant color like the js1...
    And for those citing power draing, my js2 kept it's charge over a week at a time for the first month, after that it needed to be charged every day and a half, which doesn't make up for the supposed power drain of the LED js1 screen, so I'd rather have that brilliant color light display.

    I'd like a big round watch like js1 (feels more classic than the square pebbly things) although I'd like the screen to fill up the watch face fully. That could mean a bigger screen within the large watchface, or a smaller watch to match the screen, either way is fine.

    I don't care much about waterproofing or touchscreen. I'd be more than willing to scrap the touchscreen in favor of more buttons.

    The main thing I'd like to see is improved processing/RAM/draw speed.

    The limitations of both the js1 in terms of bandwidth, and the js2 in terms of resolution and color depth, are a fun part of the project, forcing creativity on our part. I can say that I will for sure sign up for js3 on day 1!