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  • BTW the app does not cleanup after itself so after exiting I could not connect to it until reboot

    :o thanks! That's a very good point!

    Could the watch advertise with coded phy while still being connencted to phone over 1mbps link?

    In theory, yes. I wasn't quite sure how to expose that nicely though as the NRF.sleep/wake command is a bit messy. I guess NRF.setAdvertising({},{whileConnected:tr­ue}) could work?

  • I guess NRF.setAdvertising({},{whileConnected:tr­ue}) could work?

    So this flag would be set before any connection when advertising? And when you would connect from Web IDE/phone to it with this flag set, it would continue to advertise (as not connectable) while accepting connection? Or is this call meant to start advertising while being already connected? If the former then how to start advertising later while already connected without this flag or how to switch to coded phy (and back) = modify advertising? If the latter then why such flag is needed? NRF.setAdvertising could simply enable advertising while being already connected to. Only if there are no more available connections to accept (now the limit is 1 but could be more in future) it would permit only non connectable mode.


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