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  • Hello!

    I started to upgrade existing clocks to ClockFace lib. With more ClockFace-based clocks I think we could aim to a better unified "standard" features (so we can remove old and bugged apps/widgets and avoid to duplicate code (less code = less bugs!))

    I was think about some features I'd like to see in the library:

    • configurable buzz at hour/half hour (similar to [­ree/master/apps/hourstrike] - I tried this app for a while but I noticed it is bugged (sometimes it does not work or it works twice) and I wasn't able to fix :( With ClockFace_menu we can configure start/end hours, the type of buzz etc.)
    • a configurable night/sleep mode - eg NotAnalog Clock stops updating the clock after midnight (but it wakes itself if user unlock the watch) - This could be an alternative to turning off the watch every night.

    What do you think?

    Tag for @rigrig as they're the creator of ClockFace :-)


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