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  • I am new to the bangle.js 2. Had a Pebble before and just made the first watch face. Working with the emulator and the app store is really great and I like the fact that we can use Javascript. So the watch is great showing the watch face and all the widgets, but:
    Is it just me or is all the basic stuff a bit clunky? I am using Gadgetbridge. The Android Integration app shows blank screens.
    From the Pebble I am used to be able to reply on messages with short messages (presets) and being able to decline incoming calls. Also BlueMail does not display the whole Message but the subject only. And finally no emojis are displayed with the messages. Also when I receive a message, I need to press BTN1 three times to get rid of it.
    Is there anythng I can do to get my Pebble feeling back? :)


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