• Just thought I'd mention that my Bangle 1 seems to acquire a GPS lock much more quickly and reliably than my Bangle 2 as well. In particular, my Bangle 2 usually takes somewhere between 15-30 minutes to get a lock, outside with an unobstructed view of the sky (while I'm walking my dog).

    Because of the discussion about BeiDou reception possibly having been turned off, I thought I'd mention that today--for the first time since I started experimenting with GPS about a week ago--the GPS Info app (BTW, many thanks to its author--it's very neat!) indicated it detected a BeiDou signal:

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  • I also noticed that BJS1 catches GPS faster and holds more stable than BJS2. I use AGPS on both devices. On BJS1, I used AGPS only a few times a month, and satellites were found very quickly on the street.


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