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  • @TheLogan I actually think it is a cool project. Would you mind sharing some more details about the used hardware, software, and maybe the wiring?

  • Thank you, certainly I will.
    The following image is the "guts" of the project

    It's rather simple really, 2 MG90S tower servos are driven directly off a pico board, and powered with a 9V rechargeable battery. The battery can either power both servos and the Pico or just the servos if the Pico is connected to a PC.
    Nothing is soldered as I'm still playing around with it.
    The "servo arms" parts are just quick mockups that were 3D printed, they weren't perfect so I just used a lighter to reshape them a bit.
    The servos are stuck on with double-sided tape, it's very much still in the prototype phase, so nothing has been soldered or in other ways permanently fixed in place xD

    The code is also rather simple. I use the typescript project template that can be found here­s-quickstart
    As my base for the project, I ran into a few issues, for some reason I'm not allowed to put my files in subfolders, which is why they are all just in the root src folder, also I sometimes have to go in and change
    require("somefile") to require("somefile.js"), though if I set .js as default I always have to go in and remove it from the built files (which is a bit confusing ... xD)

    All of my code for the project can be found here, it too is subject to change (a lot) xD­ne


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