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    Is it possible to read the temperature and humidity values on certain intervals and store them to internal memory?

    Yes, absolutely! There's 40kB of flash space in normal builds (some of this will be needed for your code), but lets assume you store 2 bytes for temperature and 1 for humidity, and you use 10k of program code. That means 30kB/3 = 10,000 readings.

    We can do a minimal build as well, in which case 90kB of memory is available for storage.

    If so, how long I can expect the battery to last and is there any persistence in the memory if the battery dies?

    Doing something minor like reading data every 12 hours, and if you so something like disabling Bluetooth unless the button is pressed, you could get a year pretty easily.

    The only downside for you is there's no humidity sensor built in so you would have to add your own external sensor (which isn't hard - several different types are supported).


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