• if there were a way to integrate with an existing app (Tasker?) that does what you need already, I think that'd be preferable to just reimplementing everything

    So I went down a rabbit hole. Apparently, the way push notification works is the same boring long polling implementation one would suspect. The idea is just that it would be very resource consuming if every apps implements their own long polling service, so one uses the google api. This means its all routed through their servers where just one connection needs to be made to. And then then android takes care of relying the new push from that api to the correct app.

    If we dont want to (soley) use googles api, one can also apparently implement https://unifiedpush.org/developers/intro­/, in tandem with a distributor like https://github.com/binwiederhier/ntfy#nt­fysh--send-push-notifications-to-your-ph­one-or-desktop-via-putpost. Not sure if there is a big need of writing simpler over head code, looks to me like one guide would be enough. Once the API is implemented in the app of course.


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