• Thank you for the feedback Gordon, rigrig and Alessandro.

    I can see the sense in Gordon and rigrig's points, splitting will be confusing and messy. Alessandro, thank you for pointing out that GitHub issue, I didn't think to look there! I think I've got carried away with the 'proper' way to design software, and forgotten about having something usable for everyone. I'll put aside thoughts of splitting up the messages app then, and focus on potential improvements to it.

    @Gordon, I like the idea to put in a custom display code, that would be neat. So I could make a new app that wrote to the messages.custom.js file, and it would use that? That would be useful if you want to keep the message view as it is, but I'll explain my proposed changes below:

    I didn't want to do anything earth-shattering, just make messages easier to read, without needing a free hand to tap the message to enlarge. See the screenshots below. I was going to look at replacing the current static message view, with lots of space taken by big buttons and big header, with the sort of E.showScroller you get when you tap the message, but preferably with nice buttons at the bottom.

    For short messages, there wouldn't be much difference, you would still see the buttons at the bottom of the screen, but for longer messages it wouldn't have to shrink the text down, it could just be scrolled up to get to the action buttons.

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