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  • Are you sure all your software is up to date?

    Yes, definitely everything up to date. Nothing special installed or customised.
    I tried rewrite settings from the utils menu - did not make any difference.
    I deleted settings and re-installed, did not make any difference.

    Then I had a thought - maybe it was down to flipper which has to rewrite the settings.json to change themes.

    Changed themes using settings and suddenly the problem goes away - so this is a problem with flipper being out of date with the way settings currently works.

    Apologies - this was an own goal. Now how can I rewrite flipper such that it keeps in step with the settings app ? Should there be a theme.settings.json file ?

    Now I can see the new Menu system in dark theme looking like the screenshot that @Gordon shared. The screenshot does not do it justice. It looks really nice.


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