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  • Dragging that out of the nethers.

    I have also been a Pebble user. After my pebble showed severe battery issues I found BangleJS2.

    I guess I'll have to echo what most people already said:
    I miss/would like/have to criticise

    • the 3+1 buttons
    • the vibration motor seems very weak to me
    • having to disconnect from Gadgetbridge to be able to get the app manager
    • waterproofness

    I really like:

    • hackability/openness (I am starting to teach my nephew+niece) a little programming, currently with a Calliope Mini, but will look into the BangleJS for that as well (only problem here is, that i don't live close to them).
    • standard watchbands
    • always on-display (although I'm used to that from the Pebble)
    • the low weight (It's so much lighter than the pebble)

    What would be my priorities for future iteration?

    1. water proofness
    2. buttons!!!
    3. always on-display
    4. heart rate sensor
    5. barometer (I guess this is an edge case thing, some people will want it, but for most people this will be more of a toy than anything else.)

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