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  • Dragging that out of the nethers.

    I have also been a Pebble user. After my pebble showed severe battery issues I found BangleJS2.

    I guess I'll have to echo what most people already said:
    I miss/would like/have to criticise

    • the 3+1 buttons
    • the vibration motor seems very weak to me
    • having to disconnect from Gadgetbridge to be able to get the app manager
    • waterproofness

    I really like:

    • hackability/openness (I am starting to teach my nephew+niece) a little programming, currently with a Calliope Mini, but will look into the BangleJS for that as well (only problem here is, that i don't live close to them).
    • standard watchbands
    • always on-display (although I'm used to that from the Pebble)
    • the low weight (It's so much lighter than the pebble)

    What would be my priorities for future iteration?

    1. water proofness
    2. buttons!!!
    3. always on-display
    4. heart rate sensor
    5. barometer (I guess this is an edge case thing, some people will want it, but for most people this will be more of a toy than anything else.)
  • I will certainly be a Kickstarter when the BJ3 is ready.

    I ... don't think BJ is the best shorthand for the BangleJS 🙄

    with a combination of online meeting tools / screen sharing, and the Web IDE relay, you can probably still teach them remotely?

    They are not that technically interested yet, but the idea that something they do makes it onto a physical device in the real world they can interact with is captivating. They don't really have a concept of "everything is designed and procuded by someone". The physical "I can touch that" part is quite important for their motivation.


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