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  • Hi @Gordon

    I was contacted by a user saying the Daisy and Circle clock no longer worked after upgrading to 2v.12.114.

    I first checked Daisy works fine on v2.12 and on v2.12.101.
    After upgrading to v2.12.114 I get the following on the console when starting Daisy.

     2v12.114 (c) 2021 G.Williams
    Uncaught Error: Function "\x19\0\0\0ontBloggerSansLight46" not found!
     at line 27 col 19 in
    in function "setLargeFont" called from line 47 col 330 in
    in function "drawClock" called from line 46 col 27 in
    if(!idle)drawClock();else drawIdle();queueDraw();
    in function "draw" called from line 74 col 6 in

    The user also reported that Circles clock (not one of my clocks) also broke with 2.12.144.
    In the console I now get:

     2v12.114 (c) 2021 G.Williams
    Uncaught ReferenceError: "drawInnerCircleAndTriangle" is not defined
     at line 55 col 335 in
    in function "drawHeartRate" called from line 76 col 99 in
    in function "enableHRMSensor" called from line 84 col 42 in

    On reverting to v2.12 again both clocks work without issue.

    Something broken in v2.12.114 ?


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