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  • I had a look at this app and I think if we want to get people to use it and submit logs it needs to be documented with a README file and a few UI changes are needed.

    The current way it works is a bit odd, in that you get a blank screen. I would have tried to capture some logs but there is no way I am walking or running with my watch showing a blank screen as I have no way of knowing if the thing is working or not. Plus you have to carry a phone etc with you. I think it would be better to make this app work like the accellog app - where the data is stored in Flash and then downloaded later. A 20 minute trace is probably more than adequate and that should fit into the Flash storage on a Bangle 2.

    The README needs to cover:

    1. what the app is for
    2. how to use it
    3. pre-requisties - eg you need you install a reference HRM

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