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  • Hi - that is a strange one... Are you definitely connecting to the 'Vin' pin and not accidentally putting the USB 5v onto the 3.3v pin?

    Have you tried connecting from a different connector/phone? Often if I see the IDE connecting but then disconnecting immediately it's an issue with my PC rather than the module. Could it be paired from within your OS settings?

    Some things to try...

    • Use the NRF.on('connected' and disconnected events to light a LED up so you can see if the board is actually being connected to
    • use a setInterval every 10 secs to blink a LED - so you can see if the board is still 'alive'
    • Maybe use 'NRF.sleep()' and then call 'NRF.wake' when you press a button. It'll stop it advertising anything or being connectable normally, so might avoid the possibility that some other device is connecting to it by bluetooth and sending it something that's breaking it

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