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  • Ok, the cutting edge builds now have this functionality in now (and better mapping of the discharge curve). So, if you:

    • Install the latest 'cutting edge' build
    • Put your Bangle on charge for maybe 2 hours to ensure the battery is fully charged
    • Open the Web IDE ( and connect to your Bangle
    • Copy and paste this code into the left-hand side of the IDE

      (function() {
      var s=require("Storage").readJSON("setting.j­son");
      s.batFullVoltage = (analogRead(D3)+analogRead(D3)+analogRea­d(D3)+analogRead(D3))/4;

    Then your battery percentage meter should then read perfectly.

    I'd be interested to see how this works out. Longer term I'll probably tweak the battery widget so when the charge cable is removed, if the Bangle has been on charge for 2+ hours it'll automatically set itself up.


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