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  • What app are you using to use the GPS on a Bangle JS2.

    set to record a point every 3 seconds (because with Bangle JS1 that was the presumed interval that the old banglerun app used to make it comparable).

    What are your expectations ?

    Expecting that: Accuracy is on par with Bangle JS1, my smartphone or in the range of the 2.5m precision as I remember reading in the technical specs for the new chip. (This seems possible from the satellites, urban and weather conditions as BangleJS1 and my mobile can do it in the same track.)

    What are your observations ?

    Testing is mainly done outside away from buildings.
    Accuracy is off more than 2.5 meters, sometimes a lot, the picture of @BillM above is comparable in parts.
    Comparison with maps from the Bangle JS1 and my smartphone show that more precision is possible with the satellites.

    Conclusion: We either have a GNSS chip that is significantly less accurate than others, or there are missing settings that could be tuned.


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