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  • Hi @Gordon,
    Bangle2 was working like a charm until now, This morning i noticed i had to plug it as the battery was running low. But unfortunately I forgot and it ran out of battery. Not a big deal so far.
    So I plugged it... and nothing : the screen remains blank and off, not buzzing when the wire is set on, nothing.
    I ve been waiting a few hours, expecting it would take a time before charging, I changed for another USB adapter, and then another. Still nothing.
    The back of the watch looks ok, the contactors too. The wire seems ok too. No corrosion.
    I' m a bit lost and confused, anything I could check to have a clue of the problem (hoping the watch is fine) ?

    Edit : forgot to mention it s the kickstarter one, and that I recently upgraded the firmware and bootloader. It would have been the first charge since then


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