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    @Gordon says:

    Yes, so basically Gadgetbridge has a big core value of not needing the internet for anything. They will not ever allow any part of Gadgetbridge to directly access the internet - one of the reasons why even getting Weather on it is a pain. They also don't like the Play store, which sucks for most people that just want to get it from a 'safe', easy place.
    So for the KickStarter I said I'd do a new app, but then I got talking to Andreas who is the creator and one of the main maintainers of Gadgetbridge, and we came up with something which I think works well for everyone.
    We agreed that I'd do a new build of Gadgetbridge for Bangle.js, but will try and merge most of my changed upstream so we're working from the same codebase. I'll probably leave all the support for other devices in there anyway, but it'll be on the Play Store, and it'll have internet connectivity and will also be able to host the app loader so you don't have to do a Gadgetbridge disconnect thing to upload apps.

    This sounds great!

    Will the user be able to modify Bangle's settings from Banglebridge? It would be a handy feature! Many smartwatches can be managed through their companion app, eg. the Mi Fit app. When the user want to change something it's usually easier to use the app (e.g. set a recurring alarm, configure the brightness, change a wake on... settings.) In my opinion this would be a great feature :-)

    @Alessandro actually if you're able to help, I'm currently having a hard time just with gradle. I created a new productFlavor for Bangle.js (­idge/commit/2a53219a14accdf5c78e02cc3af5­7f3940baf008) and it builds fine and includes a different icon, but I'm damned if I can get app_name or anything else in the main app to be overwritten by the info in strings.xml. As far as I can tell I'm doing everything that's suggested online but it's just not working for some reason.

    I need to install/configure the dev environment but in the next few days I'll try to take a look!


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