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  • I've modified the app:

    • seconds can be set to show: 0-never, 1-when unlocked, 2-always (default)
    • app icon shows up in menu (it was 1-bit B/W, had to make it RGB)
    • decimal time hint set to be black digits on white background. This can overlap with bottom widgets. Sometimes widgets may draw on top of the hint. I take it as ok-ish, because next second the hint will be repainted by the app again. But if you know how to stop bottom widgets to draw please let me know.
      Also they draw in main menu mode, and leave artefacts when menu is scrolled.­rdic

    I cannot reproduce the issue with hint artefact. This is the code. Vars T SW,SH
    There are couple of global vars (defined as `var T=0;' for example) have simple names like T, W etc. Can it be that same vars are used by widgets or menu, or any other program? Should I make sure my global variable names are unique in entire environment?


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