• Right now NFC only works with SDK12, and I don't think nRF52840 works with that. SDK15 is what's generally used with nRF52840 at the moment.

    Basically no, right now there is no NFC support for nRF52840

    You could look at the NFC changes that were applied to SDK12 (I'm not sure there are patches - you may need to download the original SDK12 and compare, or look at Git history) and then apply those to SDK15.

    However, the patches (apart from reliability that I think was pulled from later SDKs) were to allow Espruino to emulate NFC at a deeper level (providing NFCrx events and allowing JS to send responses). I think there's a strong chance that you could just comment out that functionality in Espruino and then use the basically unpatched NFC library for SDK15 - I'd imagine that's your best bet.

    If you succeed and PR would be awesome :)


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