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  • Hi - thanks for looking into this and dumping the voltages. It sure looks like in your case the resistors fitted for the voltage divider are wrong. I have no idea how that one could have happened!

    Really sorry about that, although I don't think it should affect your Bangle in other ways... I think the best fix would be as @andrewg_oz has done. Installing the 'Custom Boot Code' app and pasting in:

    E.getBattery = function() {
      const lo=0.38,hi=0.48
      var b=Math.max(lo,Math.min(hi,analogRead(D3)­));
      return Math.round((b-lo)*100/(hi-lo));

    should properly fix the problem for you.

  • Hi Gordon,
    I seem to have the same issue, but as I am completely new to Bangle World could you give me some pointers about where to begin making this custom boot code fix, please?
    Apologies if it is literally in andrew_oz's comments above - I just need to know where to begin :)


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