• Hello,

    are there any tips how I may speed up numeric computations (particularly basic integer arithmetics) on an ESP32 running Espruino?

    My current project basically mimics a cellular automaton modeling s.th. like thermal diffusion and visualizing the result on a Neopixel matrix display. Numerics is limited to basic integer arithmetics but involves a lot of Math.round/min/max calls. Colors and brightnesses are then looked up using tables built using Uint8ClampedArray.

    The program is running, but turns out to be surprisingly slow - especially when compared with a similar implementation for a Raspberry Pi Pico running Kaluma (and the latter has not yet been optimized in any way!) By the way: running the same code on an Espruino MDBT42Q gives a performance comparable to the ESP32 (which surprised me as I expected the ESP32 to run faster)

    Are there any tips what I could do to speed the program up?

    (if my description sounds to abstract, I could also share my code - approx. 120 lines)

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    With greetings from Germany,

    Andreas Rozek