• Ok, so I checked Pixl.js documentation.
    I didn't get anything maybe I am just dumb.

    According to Pinout https://www.espruino.com/Pixl.js#pinout of Pixl.js, there is a Note:
    "Pixl.js has one available I2C, SPI and USART (and infinite software SPI and I2C). Unlike other Espruino boards, these peripherals can be used on any pin."

    However, I also found additional information when I put my mouse cursor on these "!" two descriptions on D0 and D1 pins:
    D0 - "Serial Console RX when Bluetooth is disconnected"
    D1 - "Serial Console RX when Bluetooth is disconnected"

    Moreover, "Purple boxes" show pins that are used for other functionality on the board. You should avoid using these unless you know that the marked device is not used.
    I don't see "Purple Boxes, I see "Purple circles" on the PCB layout https://www.espruino.com/Pixl.js#pinout

    Further below there are "Purple boxes" with "Pins not on connectors.
    H0 3.3v LCD
    H1 3.3v BTN1
    H2 3.3v BTN2
    H3 3.3v BTN3
    H4 3.3v BTN4
    H5 3.3v LCD
    H6 3.3v LCD
    H7 3.3v LCD
    H8 3.3v ! LCD
    H9 3.3v LCD

    In conclusion I have a few pins rs-232 cables 2,3,5,7,8 ready and no idea where to put them in pixl.js

  • Sun 2021.10.24

    'I don't see purble boxes, I see "Purple circles" '   (sic purble)

    See beneath heading:

    'Pins not on connectors'

    I see our posts crossed


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