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    I have started a new project: to Import GPS Ephemerides and pseudoranges from precise GPS+GLONASS to Espruino devices. Goal of the project: to make SPP iterative positioning algorithm in espruino device by using a least squares method (single point positioning - SPP).
    1 step. we are going to get raw ephemerides and computed satellite coordinates of GPS and GLONASS satellites from precise GPS+GLONASS receiver (Novatel Flexpak6). We worked out synchronisation problem of measured distances (pseudoranges) and calcullation of satellite coordinates for a moment when signal was sent by the satellites. also SBAS data (corrections for L1 frequencies for both GPS+GLONASS can be used in project too). We worked out how to synchronise all data even with centimeter level of accuracy by using a Spirent signal generator and Novatel Flexpak6 for GPS+GLONASS. Thus we achieved ultimate control over GPS+GLONASS+Galileo+BeiDou+SBAS data by using other 4-constellation receivers equipped with SBAS too.

    1. Navigation GPS+GLONASS messages (ephemerides and almanac) will be sent to Espruino devices such as Bangle1, Bangle2, Pixls.js by using Raspberry PI. We have our good data logger made and working perfectly in Raspberry Pi4 for ephemerides and pseudoranges and it was written in Python.

    2. after we transfer ephemerides and pseudoranges from Novatel to Espruino devices, we will make iterative single point positioning algorithm in Espruino. we have our great working codes written in Matlab and Python so we have good reference starting point.

    3. i am not sure that we want to compare bangle's GPS to novatel GPS because I dont see any reason to do that. . we know how to operate Gps in Espruino but it is only nmea data (novatel uses both raw and nmea)

    we don't want Gps raw data from espruino watches because we don't rely on it and we don't have control over gps +glonass data in espruino and we don't have good documentation how to synchronise all data -> check no.1 we worked out this problem but in novatel GNSS


    1. After we transfer a Navigation Message and Pseudorange values to Espruino devices, we are going to program our own Cubic positioning algorithm, invented in 2012.
      Cubic algorithm is UNPUBLISHED and what I can only say it is the only algorithm in the World among about 50 existing positioning algorithms and Cubic algorithm can use additional cubic units [m^3] to correct pseudoranges. In result better accuracy is achieved. We will make it working on Bangle1, Bangle2, and Pixl.js (but GNSS data is taken mostly from Novatel GNSS)
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    this post is about update 2.10->2.19 in Bangle 1.

    no1. WEBPAGE info (in my case bangle couln't hop to dfu mode):
    not working procedure:

    Long-press BTN1 + BTN2 for about 6 seconds until the screen goes blank
    Release BTN2
    Release BTN1 a moment later while ==== is going across the screen
    The watch should now be in Dfu mode

    no.2. now working procedure on
    BANGLE1 info screen (->just focus on buttons numbers because text info is different on the watch than on webpage:
    Long-press BTN1 + BTN2 for about 6 seconds until the screen goes blank
    Release BTN1
    Release BTN2 a moment later while ==== is going across the screen
    The watch should now be in Dfu mode

    In my case a good procedure was procedure no2: -> first to hold 1+2, release 1 first, release 2nd button and I suceeded to go to dfu mode.

    i am very sorry if it is confusing, i solved problem of "which button to realese first"

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    there is bad info on espruino webpage about how to access dfu

    on webpage http://www.espruino.com/Firmware+Update#­nrf52 you should realease button 2 but it will not go to DFU

    on watch there is info you should realease button 1 but it was hard to find it on the watch (letters are small and I believed in webpage)

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    Hello I can't upload Bangle1 firmware. I've followed Espruino webpage and installed all mentioned apps and after establish of connection I see notice that nerf 5 is not working on device.

    I tried 3 android smartphones and 3 pc computers with google chrome.
    i have connection with bangle via bluetooth but i cant upload firmware by usinw www ad by using android apps

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    Temperature sensor Example for Bangle2:

    function onTimer() {
      var t = E.getTemperature().toFixed(1);
      // Use a large font for the value itself
      g.drawString(t, (g.getWidth()-g.stringWidth(t))/2,10);
      // Update the screen
    // Update temperature every 2 seconds
    // Update temperature immediately

    I used some codes from Espruino channel from youtube.com and from existing repositories here: https://www.espruino.com/modules/

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    Thank you
    I will try to work it out