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  • Hi,

    The puck itself cannot connect to my home WiFi for example - so how do I "bridge" the connection so that my puck has internet access?

    Realistically right now there's EspruinoHub which you mentioned. With that you can either:

    There is however also which does pretty much exactly what you want using an old phone as a bridge. I'm not 100% sure if it's freely available yet, but they do have a good Espruino implementation.

    Finally Robin mentioned Gadgetbridge, and while right now that doesn't support sending data to the internet, as part of the Bangle.js 2 kickstarter I will be adding that functionality, so hopefully by the end of the year you'll just be able to use Gadgetbridge.

    There are other options like using ESPHome or rolling your own, but maybe they're not quite as flexible


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