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  • Hi @Robin

    I had not in fact read that page and those referenced by that page. I have done so now - and will do so again in more detail, however, either I'm still misunderstanding something or I phrased my question poorly.

    I understand that I can host a page or pages on a website on a public url - but I need to access that page from a BT enabled device while I am in range of the puck for this to work.

    I'm trying to understand how I can get or send data to the puck from a url on the public web while I am not within BT range of the puck. i.e. it's truly remote (let's say the puck is at home, I am in the office and I want to know the temperature or light reading from the puck).

    The puck itself cannot connect to my home WiFi for example - so how do I "bridge" the connection so that my puck has internet access?

    Thanks a lot for your speedy response earlier - much appreciated.



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