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  • So the cable is no longer soldered as in the photo?

    Was an attempt to perform the advanced reflashing as it was thought the Pico was bricked?
    Was SWD being done?
    Solder bridge over BOOT0 on underside of board?
    Were the battery contacts on the underside also soldered to?­flashing

    Is the desire to re-flash the device right now?

    re: 'i am shure the os is not a problem'

    I agree, I just don't know what the commands or sequence are for port communications using Mac and weak using Linux. Others will have to provide that content.

    Depending on how high that solder is on the USB tab contacts might raise one of the contacts high enough that it is no longer touching. Any chance solder wick is available to clean up those tab contacts so there is no residual solder?


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