• Add layout.rerender - so you set modified:true on any item that has changed, and it then automatically updates the layout for those and redraws anything that changed.

    I guess that sounds ideal, but what if changing some text means the item changes size, so adjacent (non-modified) elements would have to move?

    Make it so you specify the layout with the maximum amount of text you expect in any particular field

    That might be a bit tricky with Vector fonts, as it depends on the actual characters.
    I'd really like to see fitWidth/fitHeight being pulled across, maybe even implicit:

    {type:"txt", font:"10%", label:"Vector:10%, automatic width" },
    {type:"txt", width:"120", label:"Vector, fitted to be 120px width" },
    {type:"txt", font:"10%", width:"120", label:"Vector:10%, cropped/padded to 120px" },

    maybe .render should automatically clear the area regardless of bgCol

    Or maybe make bgCol default to g.theme.bg when omitted, and you can set it explicitly to null/false to prevent clearing?

    Another wishlist item: specify width and height in percentages (of whole screen).

    {type:"txt", width:"50%", label:"Vector, fitted to 120px on Bangle.js 1" },

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