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  • Sat 2021.08.28

    'still able to connect to the Web IDE through BLE despite the watch not displaying anything'

    Great, so we confirm a 3 button Bangle 1 original and BLE is working.

    'I have tried every recommendation'

    Please try the steps below: 'Resetting without loading any code'­ing-without-loading-any-code

    Be sure to:
    1) 'Long-press BTN1 + BTN2 for about 6 seconds'
    2) Continue holding both for an additional 6 seconds

    Q1: Do you see the 'Watchdog' 'Booting' instruction on the display?
    Q2: Does the watch vibrate?

  • That would be a yes to both of those questions. Still works a day or two later. Everything in the bootup and resetting process works perfectly fine up to the logo. To clarify, I am not only able to go to the logo screen, and cannot progress any further than that. I found this article with the same problem:­345403/
    But I figure that it might not be right for me since they got here from a different problem


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