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  • I like that very much. What about position and color? I know about to make it lightweight as possible is a goal, but it should not be too limiting. First thing I notice is that position, length, color follow some rules which are for me a bit too limiting.

    More later. Based on experience gained in (UI Framework for microcontrollers) - no visuals yet (my bad) - based on Modular and extensible UI framework and ui elements. with a lot of visuals - work that started 5+ years ago with last updates less than 2 years ago and was developed in an emulator in the browser... - I would say that layout should not go as crazy as that but presented specs are a Byte(! - not just a bit) frugal.

    What I also can say that layouts need to be hw oriented... otherwise complexity ends up comparable with a (graphical) Web browser... and I would consider those be the most complex applications ever exist(ed).

    PS: @MaBe worked recently thru some layout design and implementation exercise and may spare a cent or two on this... (sorry @MaBe, squeezing even more out of the already time-emtpy 24h day-lemon - :\ ).


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