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  • Why sell a watch if you only change the firmware?

    There's another side to this as well - even if you don't consider any of the work done on the software worth supporting, actually writing the firmware on to the device in the first place can be a real pain.

    Trying to update the firmware wirelessly involves several steps, including patching the original bootloader. Even though we've done well over 5000 watches so far, we still end up 'bricking' almost 1 in 10 and have to open them and manually reflash them.

    Reflashing with hardware requires quite a lot of setup and ideally the purchase of a $40 nRF52DK board

    I think unless you really want the experience of flashing your own device and don't mind spending time on it, it makes quite a lot of sense to buy a Bangle.js rather than doing it yourself.


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