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    Widgets / I think I misunderstood the usage of BTN3

    Do you remember where you first went for information on Bangle.js? I know there's the welcome app that everyone gets...

    It's possible I could change the wording there and/or add another screen about apps/widgets?

    Screen/if there is in the future a bangleJS 2 it should be a priority with the memory.

    Yes - I'm definitely on that :) It's a compromise though - sunlight readable screens aren't as vivid when indoors, but IMO sunlight readable fits better with the whole long battery life/low power ethos of Espruino.

    unable to preview tracks in gpsrecorder because of OOM

    That's an interesting one. Did you have OpenStreetMap as well? I'm just wondering what could cause the memory issues as it shouldn't be too memory intensive.

    pedometer + HRM

    You might have seen another post, but fixing the original pedometer is high on my list - and then hopefully we can modify active pedometer to use the same algorithm, which will save memory and shouldn't need all those adjustments.

    HRM is the same - we have a university currently using a whole bunch of Bangles for health monitoring and they were saying they might have some code contributions to help improve matters - so hopefully soon! The real issue is there's a 'confidence' value, and right now that shows a high confidence even when there's too much noise for a sensible signal.

    But I'm wondering if it is the good way to report issue to a developer?

    https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps is definitely the right place - if you click on the github icon next to an app on https://banglejs.com/apps/ you'll go right to the app. If you click on one of the .js files GitHub should show you who the authors are - you can then @mention them in any GitHub issues. Sometimes contact info is also in the app's README at the bottom.

    The whole submodule/multiple repository thing is difficult. It's been suggested a few times, but honestly, the majority of contributors are doing stuff for fun and many aren't so well versed in Git/GitHub. The contribution process needs to be simple, but also folks tend to play around a lot with their apps and they end up broken (the vast majority of users would contribute to master). If we used submodules then probably 25% of all the apps would constantly be broken, which doesn't make for a good experience for users!

    Obviously if someone wants to fork the app loader and make theirs a 'living' one with submodules (or just links) to other users apps, that's great and might be useful for some - but I think we need to keep a more static https://banglejs.com/apps for the majority of Bangle.js users :)


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