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  • I just tested with device I just have here - nrf52840 dongle and indeed have some issues with this if I connect over bluetooth. However when I connect over USB serial it worked. Can you try over serial console without using bluetooth console at all?
    this was over serial

    >var d=0
    > NRF.disconnect();NRF.restart(function(){­d=1;})

    when tried bluetooth

    >var d=0
    Disconnected from Web Bluetooth, Dongle c56e
    Found NRF52840Dongle, 2v08.156
    Connected to Dongle c56e

    I also tried without NRF.Disconnect - you need to disconenct after calling it, it prints

    BLE Connected, queueing BLE restart for later

    and should restart later but d is still 0 after reconnecting.
    Strange, this worked previously. Not 100%, sometimes I saw this too, but mostly it worked fine. If this happened previously, after E.reboot() it worked.


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