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  • Thanks - I'd be really interested to hear how you get on with a port.

    As @ndabas says really - I'm struggling to see a reason to use RP2040 in an official board at the moment. I feel like Espruino's really big win right now is in low power stuff (especially Bluetooth) and the RP2040 doesn't do either of those.

    However I do love the idea of programmable IO. It'd be great to be able to poke a few registers with Espruino (which isn't that fast) and then program the actual hardware to do time-critical stuff.

    There still the whole business problem that there is with ESP8266/ESP32 - would anyone actually buy a £20 Espruino RP2040 board when the official Pi one is £3. If not I'd just be stuck supporting a bunch of users that never paid me anything :(

    The DVI out is very impressive though - I'm still wondering about the use case though. At some point if you're pushing high-res graphics (especially if you also want internet) you're better off looking at an actual Linux Pi.


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