• Great - glad you got it sorted!

    You may also find that 'optimal 4 bit palette' will work well for you, but then the palette will change for each image.

    For your use case, are you thinking that having a '4 bit greyscale' option would be better for you?

  • Hello @Gordon, sorry for late answer, have to test more to give feedback.

    The optimal 4bits palette does not works.... the display seems to use only the 16MAC Palette even if i iniate with the palette generated by online converter tools.
    I've tried with 2 differents (cheap) displays a 128x128 1.44", and a 1.8" 128x160 from ebay.
    the palette does not works in 4 bits mode.
    and as the screen is initialize with 4 bit palette, the 16bits pictures are wrong color... (even if i modify the cmd(0x36,0xC8), to cmd(0x36,0xC0); (the RGB to BGR bit in the datasheet)
    i don't find a way to initialize the display in 16bits.
    if we remove the palette option, it produces an error.


    any help would help.



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