• Just ordered my Bangle a few short hours ago, now dizzy with anticipation. I second this thread is exceptional.

    Personally I'm hoping to have health check status for various web services I maintain displayed as a widget. @epw I think you're use case trumps mine though, quite literally a health check, very worthwhile to be sure.

    It's just a shame the Android API appears to stop an app from executing background tasks more often than every 15 minutes

    @Gordon my understanding is that is a limitation of the WorkManager API (I have yet to try it out), yes? I believe you make reference to this in your comments (see MIN_PERIODIC_INTERVAL_MILLIS).

    It seems some people work around this by scheduling a OneTimeWorkRequest instead, with a set delay to control the execution frequency, and ending by calling another OneTimeWorkRequest.

    Hard not to wrinkle my nose a little bit at this, but Android does seem to have collected an awful lot of scheduling APIs by now, and if you simply want to run your task every 5 minutes... well..


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