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  • Ahh, ok. As I remember, it works like Puck.js - but since the UART pins are always powered it always initialises the UART.

    Serial1.setConsole(false) won't do what you expect, but you should be able to disable the UART by just using digitalRead(..) on the 2 UART pins to swap them away from being UART pins to normal GPIO.

    Measuring the power usage is always a pain. I tend to use an oscilloscope to measure the voltage drop across a known resistance (some can even average readings to give you a good idea of average consumption) - but there must be a better tool for the job - I'll have to try the Nordic Profiler out.

    Great news about the development - I just saw the puckyActive post mentioned you as well :) I'm actually totally happy for anyone to use Espruino on their own devices in production too - it is Open Source after all. It's just making sure I spend my time helping users of Espruino boards, or doing stuff that will lead to more people buying them :)


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